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      UV Fused Quartz Glass (blank material)

      Cold-working materials: various optical parts with a diameter or diagonal of 10~320mm and a length of ≤200mm, such as discs and squares; hot working materials: each with a diameter or diagonal of 350~1200mm and a thickness of ≤100mm Kinds of optical parts such as discs and squares; tolerance size: diameter tolerance: ±0.1mm, side length tolerance: ±0.1mm, thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm

      Characteristic spectral lines of quartz glass in ultraviolet light


      Product use

      • Optical instrument
        Optical instrument
      • Aerospace
      • Laser Optoelectronic Optical Communication
        Laser Optoelectronic Optical Communication
      • Semiconductor Lithography
        Semiconductor Lithography
      • Precision optical components
        Precision optical components
      • Astronomical System
        Astronomical System
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